Our Process

After appraising real estate for over 30 years, our team has transitioned into a consulting role incorporating new technologies with decades of valuation analysis to advise clients on timing, investment, development, and disposition.

Our clients evolve during market cycles. One year may be any mix of condominium developers, subdivision developers, shopping center developers, long term hold investors, retail users or institutional users. We are very focused on keeping up with growth and market cycles for our clients to determine where to gain the highest yield on their real estate. From thousand-acre tracts converted to master planned communities to smaller subdivisions of those tracts developed as commercial shopping centers and residential neighborhoods, we provide data and insight for our clients to make informed decisions.

Consulting projects are all very custom for each client’s needs and can evolve as information is presented. Often data for consulting is presented in person with the client at the Hucks Curry Advisors offices.

Some of the services provided under consulting include the following:

Acquisition Advisory

Establish and assist in site selection and acquisition by understanding your company's needs and locating the optimal sites to maximize your ROI and to ensure continued growth.

Disposition Advisory

Establish, and implement disposition strategies to optimize the value created prior to selling a property by assessing the property's highest and best use based on surrounding development, development potential and potential purchasers.

Land Planning

Establish and assist in land planning strategies to address voids in market and optimize the return on investment of the land.

Market Research

• Sales and Lease Transaction Reports

• Historical Market Trends

• Future Market Growth & Potential

• Feasibility Studies

• Business/Location Performance via Cell Phone Tracking Software

Financial Analysis/Modeling

• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

• Customer Visitation Projections

• Occupancy Projections

• Sensitivity Analysis




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