With proprietary technology, local expertise, and an unmatched toolbox of resources, we are uniquely equipped to assist our clients with custom-tailored plans to make the best real estate investment decisions to optimize their value. Our team will establish and assist in site selection and acquisition by understanding your company's needs and locating the optimal sites to maximize your ROI and to ensure continued growth.

Initial Consultation

The process typically begins with an initial consultation with the client at the Hucks Curry Advisors office to understand the client's objectives, budget, timeline, and specific requirements for the commercial real estate project. During this meeting there will typically also be a chance to review a broad perspective of the market.

Market Research and Analysis

Armed with the information gathered during the needs assessment, the consultants conduct thorough market research and analysis. This includes evaluating market trends, competitive analysis via cell phone behavioral studies, major capital investments by municipalities, zoning regulations along with mapping planned commercial projects, future population growth, and population migration.

Strategic Planning

Based on the findings from the market research, the consultant develops a strategic plan tailored to the client's objectives. This plan outlines recommended timing, areas for further study, property selection criteria, and potential overlap to optimize the success of the overall capture.

Property Identification and Evaluation

The consultant assists the client in identifying suitable site options that align with the strategic plan. This involves evaluating properties based on factors such as, size, condition, zoning, accessibility, exposure and potential for future growth or development. The sites are mapped and overlayed with major factors studied in the strategic plan on a zoomed in scale to show more detailed impacts.


Once a property or property options have been chosen, the consultants assist the client and legal team in negotiating favorable terms and conditions with sellers, landlords, or developers. Tracking a timeline of contract dates and keeping the team on track will help the client prepare for important milestones in the process.

Due Diligence

The consultants will assist in coordination of the due diligence process including managing 3rd party engineers, reviewing studies with the client, meeting with municipalities for feedback on the project concept. The client may be interested in financial analysis to confirm feasibility of a project for a new concept or if surplus space is being developed for leasing to a third party to increase return on investment for the overall project.

Project Management and Design

After the purchase or lease agreement is finalized, the consultant may continue to provide project management support to oversee civil design and approvals. This includes coordinating with civil engineers, architects, contractors, municipalities and other stakeholders to ensure that the project meets the clients expectations and is the maximally productive use.

Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Even after the project is completed, the consultant may continue to provide ongoing support and guidance to the client. This could involve monitoring market conditions, evaluating performance metrics, identifying opportunities for optimization or expansion, and adapting strategies as needed to maximize the long-term success of the commercial real estate investment.

By following this structured consulting process, clients can benefit from expert guidance and support at every stage of their commercial real estate projects, ultimately leading to more informed decisions, minimized risks, and maximized returns on investment.




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